namerick (n) : a mnemonic device that utilizes imagery and alliteration to make a name more memorable.

Like… Robert Rides Rhinos

A namerick, pronounced like  ”limerick”, is a fun and image-rich few words that are paired together using alliteration. (ie. the same letter/sound of each word) Namericks are designed to capitalize on other parts of your brain that are more apt at quickly remembering things. Both the repetition of sounds and the imagery of the words help to better lock a name into your memory.


Jackson Juggles Jaguars
(imagine him juggling big snarling jaguars!)

Samantha Slaps Serpents
(imagine her winding up and slapping a big green serpent) 

Greg Guzzles Guinness 
(picture him with an upside-down pitcher of thick dark beer)

Entering a new name in the Namerick App will unlock a variety of random namericks to choose from, or you can easily create your own. Take a moment to imagine the namerick and the scene it depicts and some details about it. These will help you remember their name for good.