There are so many awesome mom bloggers out there, it was hard to narrow the field, but the 10 Names to Remember we’ve identified below simply make life easier for moms like me, either because they regularly post great tips and reviews, ideas about multi-tasking and saving time, or they just plain make me laugh (or all of the above)!

And there’s more…we also asked several mom bloggers to tell us what names they have the most trouble remembering, and we have included some of their great answers. Thanks for your input ladies, and let me just say… I can relate!

Cat Schwartz at HiTechMommy
Cat Schwartz is a tech and gaget expert who has been featured on the  Today Show, Howard Stern and MSMBC as well as founded her own blog, HiTechMommy (yep, I’m jealous). Her down-to-earth tips are both helpful and humorous. Thanks Cat!

Stephanie at BizzieMommy
Whoa, Stephanie, you are a busy mommy, with a full-time job, an online business and multiple editorial responsibilities (in addition to being a real-life Valley Girl)! We like BizzieMommy’s tech and photography tips as well as her most impressive multi-tasking skills!

Liz Gumbinner at CoolMomTech
CoolMomTech, the sister website to CoolMomPicks, is just, well… so cool! With twice-daily posts about the latest in technology as well as style, this site is a personal fave. Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of CoolMomTech, the co-founder of Cool Mom Picks and was named a Nielson Power Mom in 2009. Wow! Checkout this post.. “We’re really proud to be able to find things parents are looking for, before they know they’re looking for them,” she says. When asked what names she has the hardest time remembering, Liz answered, “Personally, I am horrible at remembering the parents’ names in my kids’ classes. In my mind, everyone is ‘Dylan’s mom’ or ‘Sonia’s grandma.’ It doesn’t help that their email addresses offer few clues.”

Lorraine Akemann at Moms with Apps
If you haven’t checked out the app/website/blog, Moms with Apps, well then, you should!  Moms with Apps is actually a collaborate of developers with a common goal-to create apps for kids and families that are high in quality. Their mission statement reads, “The purpose of the group is to support developers with best practices, support families who are trying to find apps for kids, and to advocate for healthy intersections of kids and technology.” Who could argue with that!

I use this app regularly to find out about the latest family-friendly apps for kids and to get codes for free and discounted apps every Friday (love, love, love App Friday!). Lorraine Akemann is one of the original founders of Moms with Apps and she also maintains a personal blog, Keeps Me Smiling.

Heather Leister at the iPhone Mom
I absolutely love the iPhone Mom site. Organized by age range, this blog focuses almost exclusively on app reviews for kids and moms. It also gets points for having one of the cutest blog designs out there. Heather is the creator and you’ll also find her contributing to Babble and Momtastic. Other than these awesome accomplishments, she’s just a regular mom, like me.

A favorite post for Heather is one she wrote about a common problem for iPhone 4S users: How to Turn Off Apps. When asked what names she has the hardest time remembering, Heather responded, “Where to begin! I think I probably have the most
trouble with the names of my children’s friends parents. Not their close friends but the acquaintances at school, the ones we might have an occasional playdate or party with. I’ve had too many awkward conversations where I have to go out of my way to not use a first name.”

Jenny Williams at GeekMom
GeekMom evolved from another site with a similar name, GeekDad. Geek Mom is a very comprehensive and informative website for women. It offers a wide range of topics, including technology, parenting, travel and more. Jenny Williams is the site’s senior editor for content, a mother of two, and a self-proclaimed geek. Geek Mom is hip and happening and full of pop-culture. Read the posts to stay up-to-date with technology, books, movies and more.

Ellery Garrison at Mom’s Life Made Easy
With a great variety of posts about products (reviews), promotions and give-away’s, Ellery does indeed make a mom’s life easier as she does all the research! An up-and-coming site, Mom’s Life Made Easy is cute and sassy. Plus, did I mention that she has a super-cool name (to remember)?

Her favorite post right now is one she wrote about the Ultimate Playland by Playhut (she loves it). When asked what names she has the hardest time remembering, she wrote, “We just moved to a new town where we know NO ONE and (even as a teacher) I have a horrible time remembering names. I find the hardest to remember (are) the names of the parents of students in my children’s classrooms, especially which Mom/Dad goes with which child….!”

Tina Zucker at TechTools4Mom
TechTools4Mom is being re-designed currently and I can’t wait for the big reveal! This great site offers reviews of apps and other techie news in a straight-forward way that is fun to read.  Tina’s favorite post right now is a review that she wrote about My Playhome for iPad (we are unable to link to it while her site is getting its make-over). Based on her review, I ended up buying this app and my kids loved it!

Like the others, Tina too reports that remembering the names of other kids’ parents is often quite difficult, writing, “I’m horrible at remembering the names of my children’s friends parents!  It never fails, they are always Jane’s mom or dad!”  I think I see a pattern here!

Elizabeth Thielke at Busy Mom
Why did Elizabeth make our top 10 list?  Because not only are her Busy Mom Reviews great and informative, but her Busy Mom Blog is hysterical. While neither one of her sites has bells or whistles, her short, witty posts are a treat to read. She is a multi-tasking maven who also works as a nurse outside the home. Furthermore, she has established herself as a highly influential blogger and has been recognized multiple times for her contributions. Bravo!

Elizabeth Edwards at Mom Reviews
I value Elizabeth’s opinions of products as she has three kids and she really gets it. Plus, her blogs (yes, she has three) are really going places. In fact, Mom Reviews is syndicated on, a collection of the top stories on the web.  This is one mom who knows how to network on the web, belonging to multiple blogging groups.