When it comes to having power and influence in the field of technology, these guys all have that  special something (smarts, wit, charisma) that sets them apart.  In Hollywood, they call it the “it” factor.  So what would be the equivalent to the “it” factor in the tech industry?  Sorry, I just couldn’t come up with something catchy, but read on and maybe you will come up with one!
(Names are in no particular order.. they are all awesome!)

1) Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley is a writer and blogger who founded The Blog Herald and the b5media blog network.  He also wrote for TechCrunch and The Inquisitr.  Most recently, Duncan has become the editor and publisher of Medacity, a hip and happening online media news portal.  And with a name like “Duncan,” this powerhouse is hard moniker to forget!

2) Erick Schonfeld

The former Editor-at-Large for Business 2.0 Magazine, Erick Schonfeld is now the new(ish) Editor of TechCrunch.  Congrats on your new position, Erick!  And as a father of three and a successful businessman, we’d love to know his tricks for remembering names!

3) John Biggs

A former writer for the New York Times and editor-in-chief of Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide blog, John is now the Editor for TechCrunch Gadgets.  Based in New York, John is clearly a name to remember on the East Coast.

4) Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore is the founder and CEO of Mashable, an award-winning destination for technology news.  We happen to think Mashable is one of the coolest sites ever.  In fact, it’s so great that even our moms have heard of it. When we heard that Pete made Ad Ages 2011 Influencers, we knew he had to make the list.  And “influencers” don’t get where they are by being forgetful with names!

5) Marshall Kirkpatrick

Marshall Kirkpatrick is the Co-Editor and VP of Content Development at ReadWriteWeb, a blog devoted to tech industry news.  Previously, he was the Lead Blogger at TechCrunch. With over 34,000 Twitter followers, Marshall is no slouch when it comes to making and keeping connections. So, what helps you remember important names in your life, Marshall?  We’re listening!

6) Michael Arrington

There’s obviously no denying that Michael is a go-to-man when it comes to technology blogging (his blog).  As the founder of TechCrunch, he has a very strong influence on what people have to say and how they say it.  Michael was also named on of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2008.  No one will forget his name.

7) Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble, a former video blogger for Microsoft, is now best-known for his popular tech blog, Scobleizer.  His moving account of the first few hours after the world learned that Steve Jobs had died showed that he has heart, in addition to power and influence.  Although Robert says that he is “horrible with names,” and that’s why he begins every show he does with, “who are you?” we know how personable (and accessible) Robert really is.

8 ) Casey Chan

Casey Chan is currently a writer/editor at Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide blog.   We just love his informative, yet humorous posts.  Casey keeps a pretty low profile, but we have a feeling he has got a pretty long list of killer connections in the tech world.

9) Om Malik

Om Malik is an award-winning journalist and the founder of GigaOmniMedia, the company that publishes GigaOm, a media and tech blog. We think that GigaOm is one of the best tech news sites out there.  A writer, published author and former reporter, Om Malik has a nose for tech news and we know that a good reporter never forgets a name (or he writes it down).  We have no doubt that Om has some serious memory skills.

10) Rob Walsch

As the host of PodCast411, Rob is clearly a powerhouse name in technology.  Funny thing is, other than his most impressive title, there is little to no information about him on the web.  It is almost as if he doesn’t exist.  How does he do that?  Rob says, “Simple – I try to talk and write about the tech – not about me.”  Rob also says that he has the most trouble remembering…(he is getting back to me on this, but wants to participate)

11) David Pogue

As a tech blogger for the New York Times for the past 11 years, David Pogue is another name to remember in the world of technology.  David has also worked as a correspondent for CNBC and CBS Sunday Morning.  David’s down-to-earth style appeals to techie and non-techie audiences alike. As he is also a father of three, we know he must have some pretty good strategies for remembering names up his sleeve!

12) Walt Mossberg

And though he is last on our list, we could never forget the name “Walt Mossberg.”  Walt  embodies the definition of “powerhouse” as the Wall Street Journal’s lead technology reporter.  The Washington Post has referred to Walt as a “one-man media empire.” He also co-edits the site,
AllThingsD (digital).