Now that “tech” has become a household word, it is clearly no longer just a man’s domain (no pun intended) and these nine women are proving it every day. These rising stars of tech are super smart, creative and and did we mention, smart? We’re not worthy!
(listed in no particular order)

1) Veronica Belmont

Veronica Belmont is tech writer, media producer and is also the video host of Tekzilla, a twice-weekly tech how-to show on Revision3 Internet Television. And she has over 1.5 million Twitter followers! With all those friends, how do you remember names, Veronica?  We’d love to know.  She was also listed #2 on Fast Company’s list of Most Influential Women in Technology.  To state it simply, Veronica rocks.

2) Shira Lazar

Called the “Barbara Walters of YouTube,” Shira Lazar hosts numerous television and online broadcasts and special events as well as writes about social media, one of her areas of expertise, on  Shira is clearly a name to remember with 10 billion connections, and you can bet she didn’t get where she is today by forgetting people’s names.

3) Heather Harde

Heather Harde is a contemporary of mine (we are the same age, both studied literature and both have ties to the New England area).  Unfortunately (for me), the similarities stop there.  Graduating from Harvard, Business School, Heather began to build an impressive career in technology.  She is now the CEO of TechCruch.  You can’t get much better than that.

4) Dr. Cynthia Breazeal

Dr. Breazeal is clearly a super-genius and a professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT.  She also directs the Personal Robots Group at MIT, which studies and creates humanoid robots meant to interact with humans in expressive ways.  Dr. Breazeal clearly knows a thing or two about human (and robot) capabilities.  Boy, would we love to ask her a thing or two about the science of human memory!

5) Kellee Santiago

Kellee is the president and co-founder of That Game Company, a company that designs and develops video games. Before landing this most-impressive gig, Kellee worked for Guitar Hero. Seriously, though, how cool is she?

6) Erin Robinson

Erin is an independent video game developer as well as a writer/blogger.  She wrote a amazing article exploring neuroscience and gaming on Gamasutra, which touched upon a subject near and dear to us…the human memory. Wouldn’t we love to pick her brain?!

7) Katrin Verclas

Katrin Verclas is the founder of Mobile Active , which is just about the coolest company ever.  Mobile Active uses mobile phone technology to connect people to one another for a common good (humanitarian aid, education, the environment).  You could say this is a tech company with a conscience.  With global connections like hers, we’d love to know how Katrin keeps everybody’s names straight!

8) Jennifer Aaker

Jennifer Aaker is a highly influential social psychologist and marketing expert.  She co-authored The Dragonfly Effect with her husband, a book about the impact of social media.  She is also a professor at Stanford Business School. Well, you’ve certainly impressed us, Jennifer!

9) Leslie Bradshaw

Leslie Bradshaw is the COO for Jess3, a popular and well-connected  interactive digital agency based in Washington, D.C.  Leslie was raised not in Silicon Valley, but on a farm in Oregon.  She is indeed a role model for young girls who want to think and work outside the box. Leslie was kind enough to tell us what names she has the hardest time remembering…old friends from high school that she hasn’t seen in a while!  What cues help her to remember names of  people she meets for the first time?  Asking questions, listening carefully to their answers and repeating the person’s name out loud.  She says she learned these great strategies from her dad, who is in the hospitality field.  Thanks, Leslie (and Leslie’s Dad)!

Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of tech knowledge and news you’re expected to know? Want to understand it more fully? Want to be able to follow conversations with tech veterans who often reference noteworthy writers from reputable sites?
You can start here.

For your reference, we’ve complied a list.  Its not your usual “Top 10″ because we have 11! Yes! Our favorite 11  influential writers in the technology field. In addition to knowing their names, be sure to read their work, as it is both enjoyable and informative.

Ellis Hamburger
Remember Ellis. Among the many other things he does well, Ellis is a writer for Business Insider. You’ll enjoy both his ‘brief and to the point posts’ and his longer form which he tells us he prefers. You’ll really enjoy his great article about Instagram.

How is Ellis with names you might wonder?
“I struggle most to remember the names of PR people I meet at events. Journalists and PR people need each other to survive, but I’ve heard they outnumber us 3 to 1!”

Jeff Hughes
Jeff is an app genius.  His most recent book offers priceless and timeless insight into the world of apps and app marketing.  For those of you interested in app development, you should definitely check out this amazing article.

Do Jeff and names get along?
“The names I struggle the most to remember are people I’ve only met once and then I run into them at a trade show or some other conference a year later. Sadly, they remember my name from my writing and books, but I don’t remember theirs!”

Jon Mitchell
Just look at that picture – doesn’t he look like the awesome front man for a a kickass indie band? Sadly, that’s not true.  But Jon is my tech guru.  Jon writes with a broad perspective, seeing importance and value in article topics that other people might ignore.  One of the things I really love about Jon is his ability to explain the topic to his readers, which is very evident in this piece.

Is Jon a name magician?
“I’m pretty bad about remembering names after one try… the problem is much worse in person. I tend to remember names of people I meet online. Being able to stare at a name in text is a luxury. The name doesn’t just float by over the air. I tend to get distracted by people’s eyes, faces, and body language, and that’s what causes names to go in one ear and out the other.”

Dominic Rivera
As a writer, Dominic is smooth and easy…just like a good scotch. His writing allows the reader to feel comfortable and connect with the topic. This article is an awesome example of what I’m talking about.


Kevin Tofel

Kevin’s writing is very clean and provides a clear look at the article topic. He allows to reader to interpret the information how ever they want. Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of work it takes to stay socially connected to friends?  Kevin can help.

Soren Gordhamer
Do you ever feel inundated by the enormous amount of information we are expected to process every day? Soren’s writing is like a breath of fresh air because of his unique approach of “exploring ancient wisdom in modern life.” Soren reminds us that it is possible to find balance in our lives.

Andrew Tarantola
I give Andrew and his writing two thumbs up! (get it?)
Andrew has a billion things to say about a billion different topics. No matter what the topic is that you want to read about, I am 97% certain that Andrew has written about it.  Need to build a Bungee-Powered Bazooka?  Yep, Andrew’s written about it. And he’s probably written about whatever device it is your using to look up that Bazooka.

Xeni Jardin
<—- Look at her! This is not a woman you want to mess with! It is clear that she knows what is going on. Female writers in the tech blogging world are still pretty rare but Xeni let’s it be known that women belong. Her writing is informed and intelligent. And they are fun!

Raymond Wong
Ray is a man who knows what he is talking about.  His writing style comes off as super cool, most likely because he is super cool. And he’ll be the first to tell you that gadgets and technology are his life.  You can tell from his writing, he is passionate about what he does.

Michael Gorman
Sometimes tech blogging can be overly technical and complicated, leaving the reader confused. Maybe that’s why Michael had such a strong love for Star Trek: The Next Generation, who knows. I do know that I’m glad that Michael had that love because it is what led Michael to love technology and tech writing. When Michael writes, it’s not complicated.  Michael breaks it down for you so that pretty much anyone can understand.  Check out this article.

Dan Rowinski
Dan is the man.  After reading just one of Dan’s posts, you probably won’t believe me when I tell you that he used to be a chef.  You read right, a chef.  It almost seems like Dan was born with a non-creepy, non-scary robot brain because he writes and explains all aspects of tech so well! I don’t know about you, but with posts like this, I’m glad Dan is writing.  Although I wouldn’t say no to a free meal.

There are so many awesome mom bloggers out there, it was hard to narrow the field, but the 10 Names to Remember we’ve identified below simply make life easier for moms like me, either because they regularly post great tips and reviews, ideas about multi-tasking and saving time, or they just plain make me laugh (or all of the above)!

And there’s more…we also asked several mom bloggers to tell us what names they have the most trouble remembering, and we have included some of their great answers. Thanks for your input ladies, and let me just say… I can relate!

Cat Schwartz at HiTechMommy
Cat Schwartz is a tech and gaget expert who has been featured on the  Today Show, Howard Stern and MSMBC as well as founded her own blog, HiTechMommy (yep, I’m jealous). Her down-to-earth tips are both helpful and humorous. Thanks Cat!

Stephanie at BizzieMommy
Whoa, Stephanie, you are a busy mommy, with a full-time job, an online business and multiple editorial responsibilities (in addition to being a real-life Valley Girl)! We like BizzieMommy’s tech and photography tips as well as her most impressive multi-tasking skills!

Liz Gumbinner at CoolMomTech
CoolMomTech, the sister website to CoolMomPicks, is just, well… so cool! With twice-daily posts about the latest in technology as well as style, this site is a personal fave. Liz Gumbinner is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of CoolMomTech, the co-founder of Cool Mom Picks and was named a Nielson Power Mom in 2009. Wow! Checkout this post.. “We’re really proud to be able to find things parents are looking for, before they know they’re looking for them,” she says. When asked what names she has the hardest time remembering, Liz answered, “Personally, I am horrible at remembering the parents’ names in my kids’ classes. In my mind, everyone is ‘Dylan’s mom’ or ‘Sonia’s grandma.’ It doesn’t help that their email addresses offer few clues.”

Lorraine Akemann at Moms with Apps
If you haven’t checked out the app/website/blog, Moms with Apps, well then, you should!  Moms with Apps is actually a collaborate of developers with a common goal-to create apps for kids and families that are high in quality. Their mission statement reads, “The purpose of the group is to support developers with best practices, support families who are trying to find apps for kids, and to advocate for healthy intersections of kids and technology.” Who could argue with that!

I use this app regularly to find out about the latest family-friendly apps for kids and to get codes for free and discounted apps every Friday (love, love, love App Friday!). Lorraine Akemann is one of the original founders of Moms with Apps and she also maintains a personal blog, Keeps Me Smiling.

Heather Leister at the iPhone Mom
I absolutely love the iPhone Mom site. Organized by age range, this blog focuses almost exclusively on app reviews for kids and moms. It also gets points for having one of the cutest blog designs out there. Heather is the creator and you’ll also find her contributing to Babble and Momtastic. Other than these awesome accomplishments, she’s just a regular mom, like me.

A favorite post for Heather is one she wrote about a common problem for iPhone 4S users: How to Turn Off Apps. When asked what names she has the hardest time remembering, Heather responded, “Where to begin! I think I probably have the most
trouble with the names of my children’s friends parents. Not their close friends but the acquaintances at school, the ones we might have an occasional playdate or party with. I’ve had too many awkward conversations where I have to go out of my way to not use a first name.”

Jenny Williams at GeekMom
GeekMom evolved from another site with a similar name, GeekDad. Geek Mom is a very comprehensive and informative website for women. It offers a wide range of topics, including technology, parenting, travel and more. Jenny Williams is the site’s senior editor for content, a mother of two, and a self-proclaimed geek. Geek Mom is hip and happening and full of pop-culture. Read the posts to stay up-to-date with technology, books, movies and more.

Ellery Garrison at Mom’s Life Made Easy
With a great variety of posts about products (reviews), promotions and give-away’s, Ellery does indeed make a mom’s life easier as she does all the research! An up-and-coming site, Mom’s Life Made Easy is cute and sassy. Plus, did I mention that she has a super-cool name (to remember)?

Her favorite post right now is one she wrote about the Ultimate Playland by Playhut (she loves it). When asked what names she has the hardest time remembering, she wrote, “We just moved to a new town where we know NO ONE and (even as a teacher) I have a horrible time remembering names. I find the hardest to remember (are) the names of the parents of students in my children’s classrooms, especially which Mom/Dad goes with which child….!”

Tina Zucker at TechTools4Mom
TechTools4Mom is being re-designed currently and I can’t wait for the big reveal! This great site offers reviews of apps and other techie news in a straight-forward way that is fun to read.  Tina’s favorite post right now is a review that she wrote about My Playhome for iPad (we are unable to link to it while her site is getting its make-over). Based on her review, I ended up buying this app and my kids loved it!

Like the others, Tina too reports that remembering the names of other kids’ parents is often quite difficult, writing, “I’m horrible at remembering the names of my children’s friends parents!  It never fails, they are always Jane’s mom or dad!”  I think I see a pattern here!

Elizabeth Thielke at Busy Mom
Why did Elizabeth make our top 10 list?  Because not only are her Busy Mom Reviews great and informative, but her Busy Mom Blog is hysterical. While neither one of her sites has bells or whistles, her short, witty posts are a treat to read. She is a multi-tasking maven who also works as a nurse outside the home. Furthermore, she has established herself as a highly influential blogger and has been recognized multiple times for her contributions. Bravo!

Elizabeth Edwards at Mom Reviews
I value Elizabeth’s opinions of products as she has three kids and she really gets it. Plus, her blogs (yes, she has three) are really going places. In fact, Mom Reviews is syndicated on, a collection of the top stories on the web.  This is one mom who knows how to network on the web, belonging to multiple blogging groups.

When it comes to having power and influence in the field of technology, these guys all have that  special something (smarts, wit, charisma) that sets them apart.  In Hollywood, they call it the “it” factor.  So what would be the equivalent to the “it” factor in the tech industry?  Sorry, I just couldn’t come up with something catchy, but read on and maybe you will come up with one!
(Names are in no particular order.. they are all awesome!)

1) Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley is a writer and blogger who founded The Blog Herald and the b5media blog network.  He also wrote for TechCrunch and The Inquisitr.  Most recently, Duncan has become the editor and publisher of Medacity, a hip and happening online media news portal.  And with a name like “Duncan,” this powerhouse is hard moniker to forget!

2) Erick Schonfeld

The former Editor-at-Large for Business 2.0 Magazine, Erick Schonfeld is now the new(ish) Editor of TechCrunch.  Congrats on your new position, Erick!  And as a father of three and a successful businessman, we’d love to know his tricks for remembering names!

3) John Biggs

A former writer for the New York Times and editor-in-chief of Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide blog, John is now the Editor for TechCrunch Gadgets.  Based in New York, John is clearly a name to remember on the East Coast.

4) Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore is the founder and CEO of Mashable, an award-winning destination for technology news.  We happen to think Mashable is one of the coolest sites ever.  In fact, it’s so great that even our moms have heard of it. When we heard that Pete made Ad Ages 2011 Influencers, we knew he had to make the list.  And “influencers” don’t get where they are by being forgetful with names!

5) Marshall Kirkpatrick

Marshall Kirkpatrick is the Co-Editor and VP of Content Development at ReadWriteWeb, a blog devoted to tech industry news.  Previously, he was the Lead Blogger at TechCrunch. With over 34,000 Twitter followers, Marshall is no slouch when it comes to making and keeping connections. So, what helps you remember important names in your life, Marshall?  We’re listening!

6) Michael Arrington

There’s obviously no denying that Michael is a go-to-man when it comes to technology blogging (his blog).  As the founder of TechCrunch, he has a very strong influence on what people have to say and how they say it.  Michael was also named on of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2008.  No one will forget his name.

7) Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble, a former video blogger for Microsoft, is now best-known for his popular tech blog, Scobleizer.  His moving account of the first few hours after the world learned that Steve Jobs had died showed that he has heart, in addition to power and influence.  Although Robert says that he is “horrible with names,” and that’s why he begins every show he does with, “who are you?” we know how personable (and accessible) Robert really is.

8 ) Casey Chan

Casey Chan is currently a writer/editor at Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide blog.   We just love his informative, yet humorous posts.  Casey keeps a pretty low profile, but we have a feeling he has got a pretty long list of killer connections in the tech world.

9) Om Malik

Om Malik is an award-winning journalist and the founder of GigaOmniMedia, the company that publishes GigaOm, a media and tech blog. We think that GigaOm is one of the best tech news sites out there.  A writer, published author and former reporter, Om Malik has a nose for tech news and we know that a good reporter never forgets a name (or he writes it down).  We have no doubt that Om has some serious memory skills.

10) Rob Walsch

As the host of PodCast411, Rob is clearly a powerhouse name in technology.  Funny thing is, other than his most impressive title, there is little to no information about him on the web.  It is almost as if he doesn’t exist.  How does he do that?  Rob says, “Simple – I try to talk and write about the tech – not about me.”  Rob also says that he has the most trouble remembering…(he is getting back to me on this, but wants to participate)

11) David Pogue

As a tech blogger for the New York Times for the past 11 years, David Pogue is another name to remember in the world of technology.  David has also worked as a correspondent for CNBC and CBS Sunday Morning.  David’s down-to-earth style appeals to techie and non-techie audiences alike. As he is also a father of three, we know he must have some pretty good strategies for remembering names up his sleeve!

12) Walt Mossberg

And though he is last on our list, we could never forget the name “Walt Mossberg.”  Walt  embodies the definition of “powerhouse” as the Wall Street Journal’s lead technology reporter.  The Washington Post has referred to Walt as a “one-man media empire.” He also co-edits the site,
AllThingsD (digital).