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No iPhone? You can still help!
You’re helpful, charming and good-looking
(just like Namerick!)
Our little Namerick is now huffing and puffing to stay afloat amongst the big guys in the App Store and we need your help. Because I know you’re also damn busy, I’ve organized some ‘ways to help’ with the highest helpfulness-to-time ratio starting at only 20 seconds!

Many thanks and high-fives in advance,
Team Namerick

*5% of all downloads from this page’s links go to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research.

-= Level 1 =-

We like you! Like us back! 🙂
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AWARD: Two thumbs up

-= Level 2 =-

Convince others to download!
Friends with iPhones If they balk at $0.99, send ’em here 😉
AWARD: Sincere thanks

-= Level 3 =-

Be a rockstar-friend-helper!
Pull some strings for us. Got friends at papers or blogs?
Share our video with your acclaim. Use magic interweb forces to make it go viral.

AWARD: Never-ending love. Seriously.

Finish strong.
Tell us what level you reached!

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