Now that “tech” has become a household word, it is clearly no longer just a man’s domain (no pun intended) and these nine women are proving it every day.  These super stars of tech are super smart, creative and and did we mention, smart?

Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of tech knowledge and news you’re expected to know? Want to understand it more fully? Want to be able to follow conversations with tech veterans who often reference noteworthy writers from reputable sites? You can start here. For your reference, we’ve complied a list.  Its not your usual “Top […]

There are so many awesome mom bloggers out there, it was hard to narrow the field, but the 10 Names to Remember we’ve identified below simply make life easier for moms like me, either because they regularly post great tips and reviews, ideas about multi-tasking and saving time, or they just plain make me laugh […]

Remember names to become president.. like these guys!
So, you want to be President one day? Great! But there is a very important first step to help you get there.

Step 1 – You’ve got to be great at remembering names.  Okay, so really step one is you have to be a citizen of the United States.  But after that, the most important thing you can do is remember the names of all the people you meet. A wise person once said: “To recall a voter’s name is statesmanship. To forget it is oblivion.”  Let’s take a quick look at history.  Do the names Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bill Clinton and Abraham Lincoln mean anything to you? At the very least, you should recognize Abraham Lincoln as the guy on the penny.  You’ve got to be pretty important in order to be on national currency.

Are you a hugger? I’m a hugger. There’s just nothing wrong with a hug. But there is one thing that can make them awkward: that moment when your arm has committed to a friendly torso squeeze, and you realize that despite the sincere warm feelings you are about to express with this gesture, you cannot remember the most basic thing about this person: their name. Now, instead of enjoying the mid-hug rush or the post-hug glow, your mind is frantically searching for that lost data point.

[ Name Attention Deficiency Disorder ]

THEM:  ” Hi, My name is.. ( YOU: Wow, they are kinda cute ).. Nice to meet you.”
YOU: ” Hi, nice to meet you ..  ”

Grr. You just missed their name. It’s almost like you didn’t even hear it – or if you did, it went in one ear and directly out the other without even stopping to wave at your brain.

* Unless you’re as smooth as Michael, we don’t recommend sharing your namericks or regular mnemonics with others if they may be considered offensive. The more image-rich and memorable the words in your namerick are, the better it will stick in your memory.

namerick (n) : a mnemonic device that utilizes imagery and alliteration to make a name more memorable.

A namerick, pronounced like  ”limerick”, is a fun and image-rich few words that are paired together using alliteration. (ie. the same letter/sound of each word) Namericks are designed to capitalize on other parts of your brain that are more apt at quickly remembering things. Both the repetition of sounds and the imagery of the words help to better lock a name into your memory.

“It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor?”

Since I was indeed a baby of the 80s, and grew up with the poignant, albeit cheese-filled rhetoric of that beloved shoe-tossing, cardigan wearing Mr. Rogers, I will admit that he and his neighborly attitude have a soft spot in my heart. But whether or not you can stomach Make-Believe Neighborhood or not, there is a lot to say for the work real people are doing to strengthen real neighborhoods and communities across the country.